espiral de encuentros mutuos, graphite and white pencil on grey paper, 53.5 x 77 in, 2023

mutual encounters
welcoming us into a spiral of trust and romance
creating together
the shared surface became the conversation space
love opened us up 
vulnerable queer love
a love 
so deep, so old, so fresh 
the mysticism
finding your soulmate, in this void
yet here we are
non-verbal communication
exploration of contact through lines, traces, shapes, dimensions 
symbiotic dualist
pieces of our shared universe

Superficies de Contacto, part of  “Together We Will…” public art exhibition for pride, 2023. 

 “Together We Will…”  featured artwork by Brooklyn-based LGBTQIA+ artists.

Outdoor art exhibition  “Together We Will…” at  The Old Stone House & Washington Park, organized by Brooklyn Pride and Gowanus Art. 

Superficies de Contacto in HEADS Revival Issue, 2023