Flores para Lily en Bocavularia, Lolita Pank.
Group exhibition at Lolita Pank Feb 6-28, 2024.  


Art altar for Convivio Con Cempazúchitl
Collective art-happening at Bushwick Grows Farm, 28/10 in Brooklyn, NY.

Actividad mas profunda del sentir colectivo
Collective art-happening at Mil Mundos Books, 08/10 in Brooklyn, NY.

The fall, el otoño, is here again
Collective show at 1466 Gallery, 23/09 in Brooklyn, NY.  

Networks of Collective Care
Group exhibition at Recess Gallery, 11/03 in Brooklyn, NY.  

Final encuentro: Sounds of Collective Care
Learnshop at Amant Foundation, 05/03 in Brooklyn, NY.

Encuentro: collective drawing, collective dreaming
Escándalo Gallery & Bookstore, 26/01 in Bariloche, Argentina.


MoreArt Engaging Artists Fellowship
01/2022 - 03/2023 in New York, NY.

Sounds of Collective Care
Learnshop at Amant Foundation, 15/09, 12/11 in Brooklyn, NY.

Encuentro: paint & collective play with Bushwick elders
Series of collective art-happening at MyAdult daycare center Brooklyn, NY.

Encuentro: Community garden lovers
Collective art-happening at Myrtle Broadway community garden 08/10 in Brooklyn, NY.

Encuentro: Mil Mundos collective
Clover Cleveland Playground, July 2022, Queens, NY.


Towards a more equitable internet
Art Action and Community Learnshop at Mil Mundos Books, in collaboration with NYC MESH, 20/11 in Brooklyn, NY.  

Día de Muertos in Honor of Black Lives
Collective art action at Maria Hernandez Park, in collaboration with Guanábana, 01/11 in Brooklyn, NY. 

Zapantera Negra Book Presentation
Hosted by Lucía & María at Mil Mundos Books, 01/07 in Brooklyn, NY.


Mil Mundos Books on Bikes
Program by Lucía & María to deliver books to people during lockdown by leveraging local biker networks. Active from 04/2020-12/2021, Brooklyn, NY.  

Book and artist fair in collaboration with Brooklyn BB at TransPecos, 19/09, in Brooklyn, NY.